Tania Rutland

Dark hollow land
Welcome and thank you for visiting Tania Rutland's website.

A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Tania specialises in contemporary abstract landscapes of Sussex and the beautiful South Downs countryside. 

Her preferred mediums are oil on canvas, etching/print and pencil on paper. 

Tania currently exhibits through the Hicks Gallery, London. She is currently working towards a solo exhibition at the Hicks Gallery in early 2019.

She will be joining Josie Eastwood Fine Art Gallery in November as a new artist.

In June 2019 Tania Rutland, Jane Fox, Emily Jolly, Jenny Staff and Anna Twinan Cauchi will be exhibiting in conjunction with Worthing Museum. It will be a project based around the five artists response to Cissbury Ring, which was the site of a Neolithic flint mine.  

For further details of Tania's work, purchase information and commissions, please visit Tania's contact page